How is Pokdeng online different from Pokdeng?

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Pokdeng Online, a card game. That on the rise. Overtakes every game.  Use a minimum bet of only 10 baht. Most importantly, the game develop in the form of mobile game. Making it possible to play anywhere, anytime. 

For anyone who is interest and wants to play Pokdeng Online.

only those who will Play Pokdeng Online. Must follow the rules at UFABET and conditions as specified only. The conditions for playing are as follows.

  • If the existing card has a point value of 4 or less. will forced draw cards automatically
  • Each turn has only 10 seconds to bet.
  • Pokdeng online game. Use the initial bet of 10 baht. and you can choose up to 4 playing zones. If you want to get money. Just use the experience you have. No need to play roulette formulas. Or other formulas to help It’s easy to make thousands of profits.
  • Pay rate, pay according to normal rules If normal win. If win 2 bounce. Get pay rate 2, times, 3 yellow – sort – triple bounce. Pay rate 3 times, straight flush – triple pay rate 5 times

Pokdeng Online What is the biggest card ?

The biggest card of this game is Pok 9 > Pok 8. Three card > Straight flush (all cards of the same sort and suit) > Sort cards > Yellow three cards > Point cards.

How to play PokDeng online?

First step wait for the countdown timer to start > Press the ”Bet”. Button start betting cards. You can choose to view the cards manually or let it open automatically.

The system will ask you. If there are more points and the bet wins. The system will immediately summarize the amount in that turn. It will show the details of all players to know after the end of the bet.