Arteta praises Jesus’ hot form Upgrading work

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Arteta praises Jesus’ hot form Upgrading the work of the salute gun.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said after the 4-2 home win over Leicester City in the Premier League. First home game of the season. He praised Jesus. To raise the level of the team very much.

Arsenal have scored four goals from two goals from Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Granit Xhaka and they have secured two consecutive wins.

“I am very happy. I think it’s a very good form. It was a good game for both teams, Leicester had moments in their game as well. And we have the same But in the end we were able to get the results we wanted.”

“Jesus scored two goals and two assists. But he was still very disappointed. Because he told us that he should score 4 goals in this game. This is what we need if you want to go higher. You need this state of mind I don’t want to play against him at all. When I was a footballer, I wasn’t a defender. But I can imagine that they certainly didn’t enjoy meeting Jesus. He is very agile, sharp and ready anytime and anywhere.”

“His coming in was training with the team every day. through talk including understanding of the game together It’s something very natural. But it was something that was able to adapt so quickly that it was impressive. At the same time we were talking about other players in terms of helping to score goals, Granit playing up in the box. and almost scored a goal last week. Today he should have scored two goals from his play. that’s what we need If we want to be a top team You have to score a lot of goals. And can’t hope for this with just a few players.”

“He has only started 18 games in the last two years. And we’re motivating him by continuing to play. Of course, to do that we have to manage the number of games. and training differently.”