Manchester United defeated Brentford 4-0 : Match Report

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Manchester United defeated Brentford 4-0 : Match Report

Manchester United beat Brentford 4-0 with a goal from Josh Da Silva in the 10th minute. Mathias Jensen in the 18th minute, Ben in the 30th minute and Brian. Mbemo, 35th minute

Starting the game only 10 minutes, the home team took. The lead quickly from the rhythm of Da Silva’s long shot. The ball seemed to be nothing. But De Gea fell to the receiver. The ball flew into the goal.

But then in the 18th minute, Brentford got the second goal from the moment. That the visiting team missed the ball in front of the goal, Jensen cut the ball before taking an easy shot.

In the 30th minute, the hosts got the 3rd goal from the corner kick, Tony hit the first post. The ball arrive and Ben Mi headed straight into the goal.

After five minutes, Brentford got the fourth goal from a counter-attack, Ivan Toni paid for Mbemo to have a one-on-one duel before firing on De Gea’s counter.

After that, even the visiting team will try to make the game invade. But it can’t harm the back of the host.

And at the end of the first 45 minutes, Brentford led 4-0.

Starting the second half is still the home team who opened the game to invade in the first period. And have a chance to win from the shot of Hickey, but still go to the save of De Gea

In the 52nd minute, Ronaldo had a chance to hit a point in the penalty area. But the ball flew over the crossbar.

In the 66th minute, Eriksen has a clear header, but still goes into Raya’s hand.

Then it was a visitor who had possession of the ball, almost unilaterally attacked. But still not enough pressure on the home team

In the 81st minute, Eriksen volleys in the penalty area. But the ball flew off the pole.

In the 86th minute Vissa had a clear shot in front of the penalty area. But De Gea was still able to turn away.

After that, nothing more could be done to finish 90 minutes as Brentford defeated Manchester United 4-0