Manchester United players the game hits Brentford

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Manchester United players, the game hits Brentford teach the ball 4-0: Player Ratings

Manchester United player ratings

David de Gea – 2
His mistakes contributed to the team conceding the first two goals, but after that there were some saves.

Harry Maguire – 3
can’t control the game at all. There were several glaring strikes in dangerous areas.

Lisandro Martinez – 3
Being held back at centre-back in this game seems disastrous. Even with the speed to chase down competitors But the height and strength are clearly inferior until the team loses goals.

Diogo Dalot – 3
offensive games have chances to top up often. But still can’t open the ball as well as it should As for the defensive game, it can be said that it slips out of position almost every time. They also have obvious problems dealing with the agility of the home line offensive line.

Luke Shaw – Two
offensive games are almost completely roleless. Plus, the defensive game looks confusing in positioning and batting.

Fred – 2
can’t control the game midfield. Plus the defensive game can’t help the team as well. Moreover, there was a moment when the tops of the grass stumbled, causing a lot of cheer throughout the field.

Christian Eriksen – 3
tried their best to help the team. But today, everything seems to be doing badly. There was a rhythm that ended in front of the door many times. but still not doing well enough

Bruno Fernandes – 2
roles with very few games. almost does not contribute to the creation of the rhythm Plus still misses the open shot rhythm early in the game.

Jadon Sancho – 2
is another person who is almost without a role in the game, the ball goes a little and the ball can’t do much.

Marcus Rashford – 2
Despite playing a little more on the ball than Sancho, he lost most of the games. Plus, when there’s a rhythm to finish, it’s not good enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 3
finds a good finishing area but still lacks sharpness